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holy palladin social in guild

What is your age and nationality?
i am 28 from belgium

Do you have interests outside WoW?

Can you handle criticism?
i can handle critism and use that info 2 improve myself build on that criticism depending on wat it is about ofcourse

Are you offended by mature language?
i am most sertently not offended by it i occasionally use it myself

Why are you applying to Conclave?:

i am looking for a nice and friendley raiding guild who have the brains 2 actually complete a raid widout rage quiting yelling or prosponing raid duo te lack of raiders



What character are you applying with? (Please provide an armory link)

i am applying with my holy palladin.


For how long have you been playing that?

i playd palladin for 3 years in pvp pve then i switched 2 main priest and mage bud Always used my palladin as 2nd character for healing cause i like playing on it

Please explain your rotations for single target and AoE as well as your talent/glyph choices

sinsi am a healer i do not have a kind of rotation i know when 2 use my big heals and i keep my hot on tha tank rolling and refreshing 2x beacons on both the tanks

for glyphs i have choosen for the glyph of hand of sacrifice reason is i can soak the dammage the tank is taking widout loosing any health 2nd glyph is glyph of flash heal for bigger heal on the 2nd hit 3th i took the glyph of divinety for the 10 % mana regen if needed 


Do our raid times fit?

yes the times and days are no problem for me at all

Will attendance be an issue?

in normall cases normally not sins i am 2 hours befour raids home can eat and drink befour it starts

How much do you play in general?

7-8 hours in the weekend days a day

3-5 hours during the normall week

mostley evry day a bid

Do you have a stable internet connection?

i have fibernet
Lag, random dc's and whatnot?

normally not at all

PC Specs?

i7 6760k  ati radion r9 390x water cooled  32gb ram 2333 mghz  and 3 512ssd + 2x 1tb memory

Willing to talk on TS?

dipends if its raid time i will be willing 2 talk if NEEDED otherwise i wil yust lisen

Previous guilds?

no idea m8 bene a while sins i played

Why'd you leave them?

quited wow for 8 monts
For how long have you been playing?

in total with 1 break sins wotolk

have you played other classes?

yes i have played mage priest warrior rogeu dk druid in pvp and pve on all 3 specs

What are your goals in WoW?

have fun  try 2 do all continent and raid befour next update or expansion

Why should we recruit you?:

dedicated person who loves 2 help a guild who is on time for event

What do you look for in a guild?

friendley players who are not afraid 2 help somwan when he needs a bid off help

How can you contribute to improving the guild?

dipends on wat subject bud in general if the guild needs someting they can Always ask me if its do abel or farmabel i will do it with no problems

Why do you want join our guild?

i am in the guild atm as a social i like it here evry 1 is friendley 2 me and helpfull when needed

Any final questions or additions?

i have read thetexts on the forums

how do u like them purpel bananas




You have a lot pvp items but .... I will ACCEPT this application!

1st I saw you made A LOT of effort in gearing your paladin and that is big + from me.

2nd You are 1st applicant that read our forum erc. Guild rules (READ BEFORE APPLY) and that is even bigger +

3rd I like to give people a chance but make sure you use it :)


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em